Cabot High School Athletics

Congratulations! Your student will advance their athletic talent at the college level!

If your child is accepting scholarship money to play sports at the college level, please contact Assistant Athletic Director, Kasey Wylie ( at CHS Athletic Department (501) 743-3530 to set up a signing.

Below are some guidelines to follow for their big day.

Signings will take place at 12:10 p.m. in the Cabot High School Media Center or Panther Arena.

  • When arriving at Cabot High School, please sign in at the main office before heading to the Media Center.
  • Each student signing will be assigned a small round or rectangle table for parents/guardian to decorate in their college colors and as they wish. Balloons, table covers, childhood pictures, sport memorabilia are all acceptable for the table. (Round tables for Media Center and rectangle tables for Panther Arena)
  • Each student will be provided a cake with their school mascot/name on it, plates, napkins and utensils by the CHS Athletic Department to put on their table.
  • If you would like other food items such as cookies, pizza, drinks, etc. you may provide but please inform the Athletic Department.
  • Family, friends and athletes signing are all encouraged to wear their college apparel and can bring an item to display on the table when signing. (I.E. hat, pom pom, football, baseball, etc.)
  • If there is more than one signer on the same day then we will go alphabetically by last name.

If you have any questions regarding college signing day, please contact Kasey Wylie or (501) 743-3530.

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